Ahoy and welcome to Sv Tanuki Maru
and Tanuki Marine Tech

2020-5-25: Let talk about solar,
Tanuki is getting ready to haul and will be finally securing the solar array to the new arch.
While I have been recomending the NewPowa panels, I'm always keeping an eye out for what is happening out in the world.
Sharing this little sheet I have of different panels and cost per watt vs size, hope you can find it useful.

Quick list of product I use - links Amazon and other places (Updating as people ask me for links to things)

- - Boat Bits - -
Nice USB unit to install in the cockpit, keep your connectors dry in the squall.
** Ordered a pile, should be on hand at the end of May
Cool tool for boat deliveries, even safely open snaps (major save to the client's boat. Plus it has the opener for most deck fill ports (and a beer opener)
Nice reasonable white LED lights that don't make your food look odd like some of the multi-color lights do.
My new fav... It's really amazing and I've needed to buy it a few times as clients have taken them and refused to give it back, started keeping two with me on deliveries.
Inspired by John's easy tank refill setup, one trip to shore and done.
Great filter housing, keep the water in the tanks nice.
Carbon 1mic filters, might need to change more often... But good water is worth it!

- - Cooking Stuff - -
Stainless stove for use in the cockpit
10" Nabe pot is a must on my boat. Used so much it doesn't get put away.

- - Office Toys - -
Just an oversized mouse pad, to live on...
Great pocket router that runs on USB, works tethered or as a repeater. (also runs VPN and TOR)

- - Need for Power - -
Been very happy with NewPowa, let's hope they can keep the QC going.
Good inexpensive solar controller with most of what you need to get started.